Super Fan Night: World Cup
Tu 7/8



If you aren’t just another reader/watcher/listener/audience member, YOU ARE A FAN, and not just any fan, A SUPER FAN!!!, then this event is for you.

Meet up with other super fans, share the love, and turn us on to what you love the most.

Our first Super Fan Night will celebrate and examine…

The World Cup.

hosted by Andrea Gutierrez


Ryan Nance, JE Lee, and Yago S. Cura

Andrea Gutier­rez was born, raised, and educated in Southern California. Her first short play, Las Amigas, was part of the Chicanas, Cholas, y Chisme production at CASA 0101 in March. An educator by day and a writer and editor by night, Andrea has an MFA in creative writing from UC Riverside and currently lives and writes in Highland Park. When she grows up, she hopes to become a storyteller like her father.

JE Lee is a 1.X generation Asian American sometimes artivist, blogger and Futoblista. She has read in Seoul, S. Korea, Boston, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Berkley and Los Angeles. She has been published in “Homeland Insecurities,a fundraiser for the APIA Spoken Word and Poetry Summit and the O.K.A.Y. (Overseas Korean Artists e-Yearbook), #5. She has a B.S. in Mathematics Education and an MAEd in Curriculum and Instruction. She does not have a bucket list but lives for new adventures. 

Yago S. Cura is the author of Rubberroom, and a former NYC Teaching Fellow. He publishes the Pan-American literary journal Hinchas de Poesia. In 2010, he co-wrote Odas a Futbolistas with Abel Folgar and has completed Postcard Feats with C.S. Carrier and Jim Heavily. Yago’s poetry has appeared in PALABRA, Versal, Borderlands, Lungfull!, COMBO, LIT, U.S. Latino Review, 2nd Avenue, Exquisite Corpse, FIELD, and Slope. Yago’s reviews have appeared in The St. Mark’s Poetry Project Newsletter. His Spanglish poetry blog, Spicaresque, has had more than 46,000 visitors.

Ryan Scott Nance hasn’t ever been to Turkey, not once. Nor ever to Saint Peter’s Basilica. Never has he made a living selling potatoes. There was a time when he did travel, but that time has passed. There was a moment, a decade ago, when the faint smell of mildew in the stacks of the Butler Library was reward enough. There will be a day, in the not too far-off tomorrows, when he will try to use whatever it is he has at hand to make you happy. Today is not that day. In the meantime, he has poems (appearing in The Diagram, Drunken Boat, Mantis, Literary Imagination, Red China Magazine and Graffiti Rag) that he has written in hopes they will feel good on your tongue and he has websites he hopes will let you do what you want to do and finds a lot of the things in the world fascinating.

In addition, Yago and Ryan run this project, Copa Poéticaa series of three readings by Angeleno poets spaced out over the ‘rest’ days of the 2014 World Cup.