Location: Avenue 50 Studios, 131 North Avenue 50, Highland Park, CA 90042

Curated by Amanda Choo Quan

Katherine Agard
Román Luján
Marco Antonio Huerta
Jacqueline Young
Mehtab Kaur

+ Music by Foreigner of RAIL UP (http://remezcla.com/features/music/rail-up-profile/)

How do you account for your Americanness?
For your belonging? What gives you the authority
to call your space home? Is your claim less legitimate
if it is more recent? Does someone else ever have more of a right
to your home than you? Who do you have to be
for your Americanness — or your foreignness —
to be an act of defiance? What if your foreignness
never goes away? How, then, do you decide your “from”?

Everything from issues of gentrification plaguing LA to Trump’s decision to ban people from their homes is affected by how we view and typify the newcomer. Five poets and writers — strangers, locals, both, neither — will read & talk tremulousness.

Afterwards, dancing.

Facebook event here.