Resurrection Party / After-Cave: Double Book Release
Th 9/18

Resurrection Party/After-Cave


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Wendy C. Ortiz

Come celebrate the release of Michalle Gould’s book Resurrection Party and Michelle Detorie’s After-Cave with a reading by each poet from their book! Hosted by Wendy C. Ortiz for DTLAB’s #90for90 at Traxx Bar at Union Station. 

About RESURRECTION PARTY: The central uniting subject of “Resurrection Party,” recurring almost to the point of obsession is the question of how the imagination grapples with the fear of death. The collection intertwines religious and mythical themes and subject matter with fleshly concerns about the body and decay, presence and absence. It has been described as containing poems of “almost exquisite refinement, illuminated by the taut glow of sensuous prosody and imagery” and as “a deeply meditative collection at once intelligent tender and utterly human.” 

About AFTER-CAVE: After-Cave is the narration of “an adolescent female who may or may not be human,” an odyssey feral, feminist, and ecopoetical. More pressing than hunger for this speaker is the need to know what “cruelty” means and how one might live in its absence. In this way, After-Cave is a book about the impossible and how to make it hospitable, and thereby prepare oneself to meet one’s friends: human, animal, the always alive and the already dead. Using language that moves over the speaker like weather systems and migratory birds, troubling notions of linear time and traversing the spaces of human-made and “natural” disaster, Detorie in this first book introduces us to the distinction between a state of being and an act of being. 

MICHALLE GOULD has been working on the poems that constitute this collection for almost 15 years. In that time, her poems and short stories have been published in Slate, New England Review, Poetry, The Texas Observer, and other journals. She recently moved to Los Angeles, where she is the librarian for the Art Institute of Hollywood. She is currently researching and writing a novel set in the North of England in the 1930s.

MICHELLE DETORIE lives in Santa Barbara, CA, where she edits Hex Presse and coordinates the Writing Center at Santa Barbara City College. She is the author of numerous chapbooks including Fur Birds (Insert Press), How Hate Got Hand (eohippus labs), and Bellum Letters (Dusie). She also makes visual poems, poetry objects, and time-based poetry. In 2007, Michelle was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts literature fellowship, and in 2010 she won a direct-to-artist grant from the Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative for her public art project, The Poetry Booth. Her first full-length collection, After-Cave, is forthcoming from Ahsahta Press in September. Her current project, The Sin in Wilderness, is a book-length erasure project about love, animals, and affective geography.

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