Game of Thrones of Boggle
Th 7/3

Game of Thrones: Boggles


“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

Fortunately, in the Game of Thrones of Boggles, you live whether you win or lose.

But if you lose, you live in shame!

There is only one name worthy of the Boggle Throne and that name is Duncan Williams*.

*This is according to Duncan Williams.

Will you be the one who takes him down?

Come and give it your best!

Also starring:

Steph Cha, author of Follow Her Home and the upcoming Beware Beware, the only person we have witnessed taking even one game from King Duncan.



Boggle Board – The tournament will use regular 4 x 4 boards.


Forming Words – Words are formed from letters that adjoin in sequence horizontally,

vertically or diagonally in any direction. No letter may be used more than once within a single word.  Plural words (“game” versus “games”) and words of different tenses (“play” versus “played”) are all valid Boggle words individually.


Words that Count – When time runs out, all players must stop writing. Each player in turn then reads his or her list aloud. Any word that appears on more than one player’s list must be crossed off all lists – only unique words receive points in Boggle. Valid words must be three-letter (or longer) words as found in the official Scrabble dictionary, excluding the following types of words: proper nouns, slang, abbreviated words, and foreign words.

Three and four-letter words that other players have not written down count as one point. Five-letter words count as two points, six-letter words count as three points, etc.


Questionable Words – If a player reads off a word which another player thinks may not be a valid Boggle word, the other player may call one of the judges to look up the word in the Scrabble dictionary or ascertain if the word is one of the non-permissible types of words: proper nouns, slang, abbreviated words, and foreign words.

If the judges decide that the word is not a valid Boggle word, the player who read the word must subtract points equal to what they would have gained from the word. There is no penalty in Boggle for writing down an invalid Boggle word. It’s only a problem if the Boggle player decides to read the word during the scoring period.

For each Boggle round, a different player should be the first one to read his/her Boggle words. The reason is that it is an advantage to be the last one to read your Boggle list. If you wrote down an invalid Boggle word that someone else already lost points for, for instance, then you will know not to read that word!

Scores – Scoring is based on the cumulative points each player has accrued in each round. See below for how many games are played in each round.