The Wandering Song Anthology
Tu 7/18 @ 8PM

Location: Cielo Galleries/Studios, 3201 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90011

Curated by: Harold Terezón

Tia Chucha Press is proud to present “The Wandering Song,” an anthology of Central American writers living in the United States. It features work that captures the complexity of a rapidly growing community that shares certain experiences with other Latino groups, but also offers its own unique narrative. This is the first-ever comprehensive literary survey of the Central American diaspora by a U.S. publisher.


Susana Aguilar-Marcelo
Iris de Anda
William A. González
Cynthia Guardado
GusTavo Adolfo Guerra Vásquez
Adolfo Hernández
Rossana Perez
William Archila