When In Drought Publication
Sa 7/5

Wet & Reckless: a Two-Step Program



Reading & Launch of When in Drought: Detournement.

“Wet & Reckless: A Two-Step Program”

Get out your daisy dukes and bring your own popsicles: it’s time for the much anticipated part one of our launch party for Issue 3, When in Drought: Détournement. With readings by Megan Betry, Daniel Austin Warren, Ginger Buswell, Moneta Goldsmith, and more.

Featuring live music from Dez Hope and NK Riot.


Megan Betry holds a master’s in English Literature from CSU Northridge. She works as an AR Teacher at Options for Youth in Los Angeles.

Daniel Austin Warren is a Los Angeles-born whirlwind fiction/non-fiction writer, music journalist, and bulls-eye sociopolitical critic. As a regular contributor to L.A. Record and Lo-Pie, his work has also been published in Inkwell and appeared in Yay! L.A.—all in between a seemingly permanent geyser of self-published output.

Ginger Buswell is a nap fancier and rainmaking enthusiast. She is also Assistant Managing Editor of the Los Angeles Review of Books print magazine, & her writing has appeared infrequently in Sparkle & Blink, on living room walls, & in unsuspecting mailboxes.

Moneta Goldsmith was the 2013 Grand Prize winner of Spark Anthology’s poetry contest. His prose & poetry has been featured in such places as Sparkle & Blink, Under the Influence, & Best New Writing 2014.


When in Drought is a print-based litmag & monthly reading series based out of Los Angeles. Each issue of the magazine pairs original writing, art, & translation with neglected literature from around the world. 

Edited by Ginger Buswell Moneta Goldsmith.