Location: Camera Obscura Art Lab, 1450 Ocean Way, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Curated by: Chiwan Choi & Tiffany M. Hobbs

Produced by: Writ Large Press & Santa Monica Cultural Affairs

A discussion event centered around the photos of South Los Angeles photographer Tiffany M. Hobbs and artists Terance Joseph, Jr (Buggsy Capri) and Daour Ndoye. How are our communities reflected in the art we make? How do visual artists and writers approach representation? Moderated by Chiwan Choi.

Familial history dictated that Tiffany Hobbs would make her own way into the artistic realm. As a poet, journalist, and photographer, Tiffany has carved that way with an honesty that is equal parts brutally bare and beautifully humble. Tiffany has collaborated with notable artists and appeared as a featured artistic contributor on forums, albums, panels, and through vigorous displays of community activism. Hailing from Queens, NY, but raised in the South Bay, Tiffany has resided in the Leimert Park neighborhood of South Central, Los Angeles, for the last 6 years, where she works continuously to edify her community by celebrating the beauty of blackness and other persons of color with her art and words.

Buggsy Capri, née Terance Joseph, Jr., provides a musical soundtrack that reflects his upbringing in the Crenshaw District. Flanked by high caliber production that he himself provides, and has provided for many artists, Buggsy crafts his rhymes voraciously, putting him on par with the likes of well known artists from the region, as well as with beloved east coast rappers, due to Buggsy’s bicoastal experience. Rapping is not Buggsy’s first love, however. Service to his community, family, and loved ones is, and he integrates those passions into his popular lyricism.

Artist Daour Ndoye was born in Bargny, Senegal, just outside of Dakar in West Africa. Raised by his grandparents, Daour used art to save his life, and credits his focus to his artistic expression. Daour moved to the United States in 2011, and sketches everyday, inspired by the world he experiences. For Daour, art is loyal, art is a friend, art is passion, art is love.

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