Red Right Hand Press – Release Party
Th 8/31 @ 8PM

Location: Cielo Galleries/Studios, 3201 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90011

Curated & Produced by: Loretta McCormick & Gina Alexandra

Please join Red Right Hand’s launch of it’s PALM series, featuring contributions from:

Katherine Marie Agard
Taylor McDaniel
Taylor McGill
Regis Armani Peeples
Calvin Walds

At this launch, Red Right Hand will have live readings as well as multimodal presentations of contributors’ work in our inaugural issue. We seek to smudge the lines drawn among speaker, reader, listener, writer and invite all participants to bring their idiosyncrasies, curiousity, and love of sound and language. We’ll provide the typewriters, questions, pens, paper, and our own idiosyncrasies. Come listen to contributors of our PALM sized parcels, then write back! We look forward to your engagement and plan to gather the interactive writing that comes out of this celebration to publish on our website. #ResistanceIsLit

We’ll also have snacks and drinks to celebrate!

The PALM Series, published biannually, will be accessible to all. Each collected piece will be folded into a single page, a micro project available as a PDF on the webisite. Each parcel is also available in print. Check out the website here:

Facebook event here.

Accessibility at Cielo galleries/studios:

Let us know if you want use of the ramp entrance. There is a wide ramp entrance into the building for people who do not use steps and parking in the side lot for people with wheelchairs/walkers/canes etc.

Please do not park in the pink/purple lots located across from and beside Cielo – you will be towed. There is free parking on Maple Ave, 32nd Street and all adjacent streets.

Children/young people are welcome and encouraged to visit during Cielo events. There are books/art supplies and drinks/snacks.