Designed to be collaborative and crowdsourced, #90X90LA is a massive undertaking that can only be accomplished through collective effort. Centering local artists, thinkers, organizers, organizations and services, #90X90LA relies on us all to organize discussions, curate events, share our words and talents, and engage in social and political action.

Submitting work to Drunken Masters

What is Drunken Masters?
3 writers read/perform short excerpts from a work-in-progress in front of a panel of 3 established writers in the field who provide on-the-spot feedback. The only catch is that these master writers have been plied with drink or PG indulgence of their choosing. A laid-back, entertaining (and sometimes riotous) reading!
Event occurs every other Monday.
The next Drunken Masters will be 7/24, featuring drunken masters of television. If you’d like to submit a 10 minute excerpt of your own TV writing (“TV” defined broadly) email your submission here:

Proposing an event

Here’s what you need to know if you want to curate an event. #90X90LA events fall into three broad (and somewhat overlapping categories).

  • Celebrate—gathering in community to celebrate who we are, our words and art (e.g. readings, performances, meals, parties).
  • Investigateevents that either through discussion or curation (e.g. panels, discussions, topical readings) address ongoing questions,  such as…
    • What is the role of arts and artists, especially writers, in the development of local communities and identity? Global or political communities?
    • What makes a community of writers? Geography? Shared identity? Shared purpose?
    • How do we bear witness, provide support and stand in solidarity across communities?
    • What is the power and limitation of arts/writing in social change?
  • ActivateActivating public spaces with literature, art and learning (e.g. workshops, public installations); building networks of support and solidarity (e.g. work with community groups and leaders); motivating artists to engage in social change (in ways that consciously grapple with the powers and limitations of art).

Philosophy on producing events

  • When possible, center the neighborhood/community in which we are presenting in a historic way, meaning, not just the new demographics, but the people and communities who have been working and living within it all along.
  • Look for opportunities to bridge communities of writers, artists, musicians, producers and organizers.
  • As in 2014, the crowdsourced nature of #90X90 will hopefully allow more and more people and communities to contribute, participate, and share as we get deeper into the schedule. We always want to invite more and deeper participation.
  • While we are writers and publishers and will inevitably host a lot of literary events, we welcome events that feature all types of arts and creativity.
  • All curators and presenters are treated with appreciation and respect–whether they are an established award-winning artist or an unknown youth–both while presenting and in any marketing material (e.g. if one artist’s photo is used on the flyer, all artists’ photos should be used in the flyer).
  • No single author book launches, album releases, or other solo promotional events. There may be rare exceptions which allow for a bigger dialogue.
  • We are not likely to include existing, established venues/series in #90X90LA unless they have a history of working with communities and showcasing marginalized voices. IF we do include established ongoing series, it will be as a co-curator/producer.

Sign Up HERE to propose an event, offer to perform, or volunteer to help organize.

On-going Projects

In addition to one-off events, there are some event series, symposiums and community-engaged projects that we’d like to coordinate this summer. If you would like to help make any of these projects happen…

  • Youth Book Fair @ Cielo
  • Publish! with Seniors @ JACCC
  • Saturday Symposiums
  • Drunken Masters
  • Music and Social Change Series
  • Resistance/Solidarity Map
  • #90X90LA Media Team
  • #90X90LA Wellness Team

Please sign up to contribute to ongoing projects HERE.