Guess Who’s Cooking Dinner? Narratives From The Periphery
W 8/16 @ 7PM

Location: Cielo Galleries/Studios, 3201 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90011

Curated by: Skira Martinez, Stephanie Para and Susan Parks

A candid conversation between Susan Park and Stephanie Parra on the food stories that are never told, invisibilized or shut out of popular writing and media. Hosted by Skira Martinez of Cielo Galleries.
Yes, we might talk about Anthony Bourdain.

And why we loathe the word “foodie.”

Susan Park is a chef, writer, the owner of Revolutionario North African Tacos, and a podcaster at The Smoking Korean.

You can find her work here:

Stephanie Parra is a chef consultant, writer/editor, the owner of HoneyButterLA, and a podcaster with her friends at a currently-in-the-works project on Mexican food & bev, traditions, experiences and diasporic stories.

You can find her work here: