Las Lunas Locas
M 9/25 @ 7:30PM

Location: Avenue 50 Studios, 131 N. Avenue 50, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Produced by: Las Lunas Locas
Led by: Devi Laskar

Las Lunas Locas is a group of self-identified womyn who meet every Monday night to write, rite and right.

Every week is different, celebrating different themes, practices, and various ritual. On this night, Devi Laskar will lead a poetry workshop exploring the visual and narrative poetry of Eve Ewing (Electric Arches, Haymarket 2017), and we’ll write some of our own poems in that style!

Come and be with us.

Please note* This circle is for self-identified womyn only.

The circle meets every Monday, but tonight’s event is presented as part of Writ Large Press’s #90x90LA