Th 7/27 @ 8PM

Location: Biergarten, 206 N. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004

Curated by: Elaine Cha

First of two nights focusing on the LA Uprising of 1992.

A screening of the documentary K-TOWN ’92, followed by a discussion around the film and the history of LA leading up to the uprising and how the city was shaped by it in the years to come.

With the director Grace Lee & producer Jin Yoo-Kim. Moderated by Josie Huang (KPCC).

About KTOWN’92:

When the LA riots/uprising/civil unrest exploded in 1992, images of destruction beamed across the globe with little context as to why these events had occurred. TV news focused on African Americans, Latinos, and Koreans as both victims and perpetrators of violence, and footage of the “first multicultural riots” locked each group within a stereotype.

As a Korean American, these images profoundly shaped my understanding of race in America and the need for people of color to tell our own stories. We hope K-TOWN‘92 offers a path to better understand Los Angeles before and after 1992. We intend to expand the archive of stories moving forward.

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