Writing the Immigrant Experience
Su 8/13 @2PM

Location: Cielo Galleries/Studios, 3201 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90011

Organized by Erika Ayon and Irene Suico Soriano; Neela Banerjee

Two events today will explore the “immigrant experience.” In the afternoon we will host an multilingual reading and discussion. In the evening we will host a reading and performance.


Banned Together: Writing the Immigrant Experience
Reading & Discussion – 2-4PM

Moderators | Curators: Erika Ayón & Irene Suico Soriano

Writers: Dania Ayah Alkhouli, Amanda Choo Quan, harold terezón & Zosimo Quibilan, Jr.

The “Muslim travel ban”, “I.C.E. raids”, “radicalized” “accelerated deportation proceedings”, “undocumented criminals” and “building the wall” are now familiar media buzz bytes that have stoked bigotry and created chaos and anxiety in the many homes and hearts of communities in Los Angeles. With the current President’s ability to instill fear in his followers regarding the “undocumented | immigrant danger” and leveraging that to create a destructive and hyper-vigilant environment that has also successfully persuaded mainstream corporate media to “normalize” stories that frame undocumented immigrants as a population coming in hordes to wreck this country or religious extremists hiding in suburbs hatching violent plots to bring down the US citizenry, it has become all the more important for the emerging resistance to create alternative spaces to counter inaccuracies and prevailing narratives detrimental to both our undocumented and documented immigrant communities.

How are different immigrant communities faring? How are writers from the different communities responding? How can the different communities collectively resist or subvert? What kind of stories continually need to be told or perhaps re-imagined? What new narratives have yet to be nurtured?

Come hear writers writing from various perspectives (recent arrivals, the 1. 5 generation, first generation) read their work and respond to questions about audience, craft and politics. This reading and discussion will be a stark and frank exploration about what it means to be a writer, writing about the immigrant experience, during this extraordinary moment in time. Please join us.


Blood on the Tracks — Artists take on 50th Anniversary of Partition & Forced Migrations
Reading and performances – 7-10 pm

August 15, 2017 is the 50th Anniversary of the Partition of the Indian Subcontinent into India, Pakistan and later Bangladesh. Orchestrated by the British colonizers, Partition is known as the largest mass migration of people in history, displacing over 10 million people and causing massive violence. This day of events brings together community members and artists to talk about and creatively investigate the fallout of Partition, and other forced migrations all over the world.

Artists gather to read work and share art in response to the traumas of forced migration. This event seeks to heal the wounds of forced migration by bringing communities together.


Accessibility at Cielo galleries/studios:

Let us know if you want use of the ramp entrance. There is a wide ramp entrance into the building for people who do not use steps and parking in the side lot for people with wheelchairs/walkers/canes etc.

Please do not park in the pink/purple lots located across from and beside Cielo – you will be towed. There is free parking on Maple Ave, 32nd Street and all adjacent streets.

Children/young people are welcome and encouraged to visit during Cielo events. There are books/art supplies and drinks/snacks.