Poetry Solves Problems
F 8/29

Poetry Solves Problems


Poetry Solves Problems is a literary & art community/venue/celebration.

Since its birth in August 2012, we’ve come together for a show every 2-3 months, with the intention of featuring/mixing mostly poets, rappers, and musicians but even extending to fiction writers, visual artists, stand-up comics, and more. We are also the proud home to an open-medium open mic with the sweetest, brightest, most supportive audience you’ve ever seen.  And, in the background we have interactive poetry challenges happening throughout the night. (Think: typewriter love letters, exquisite corpses, 6-word-memoirs, etc by candlelight!)

We started in a friend’s studio apartment in DTLA, but, much to our sublime surprise, got too big pretty quickly and have since been changing locations every show because we came to like the idea of the community being able to pop up anywhere in Los Angeles…and they’ve seemed to like it, too. Between shows, we hold bookbinding & writing workshops, commit poetry shenanigans in public places (typewriters, notecards, & sharpies, our weapons of choice), write poems for strangers, and volunteer in classrooms as visiting poets.

We believe in acknowledging beauty wherever you possibly can/as loud as you possibly can, coronary whiplash at the turn of a stanza, and accessibility in poetry, always.

Atomic Tangerine Press is the blood, tears, and poetic ferocity (sweat) of Nikita Liza and Crystal Salas. They started binding their chapbooks with the same paper at various kitchen tables in Santa Cruz, CA in the midst of their senior thesis projects to the soundtrack of hip hop, roommates, the occasional injury, and pink wine by the bottle…and nothing was ever the same. After moving back down to Los Angeles, Crystal and Nikita decided that this concrete masterpiece should (and will be!) glittered with poetic intention. The duo runs on a can’t stop, won’t stop philosophy, their brains are consistently exploding with new ideas and excitement for what poetry, art, culture, and community can look like in the world (via Highway 101), and their hearts have been palpitating to the same revolutionary philosophy because they like us, they really really like us.