Co-optation: Death to the Movement™
M 9/11 @ 6:30PM

Location: CIELO galleries/studio, 3201 Maple Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90011

Curated by: Skira Martinez

A panel discussion with
Edxi Betts, Bobby London, Skira Martinez and J

What is co-optation?
When people exercise their autonomy, creativity and imagination, oftentimes established mechanisms come into play to make sure we don’t shake things up too much.
When it comes to resistance and uprisings, this results in watering down, containing, pacifying and repressing movements to ensure people don’t realize their full autonomy which is considered a threat.
Once in a more manageable form, people and institutions absorb versions of our ideas, often taking credit and crafting demands that are only shells of what was.

Please join us for a panel discussion on the many layers of co-optation.

When we aim to subvert existing hierarchies and power structures like the state, capital, how do those structures respond?

How does this show up when we are situated within colonialism, which has historically relied on simultaneously destroying and rewriting the histories, culture and traditions of people through genocide and mistreatment?

What are the many ways that cooptation organizes itself in relation to autonomous self organization and social movements?

And finally, what can we do to combat cooptation as a process that steals our energy and creativity and uses it against us.