#90X90LA was an exhilarating adventure, both as a participant and as an audience member. I was blown away by the scope of it, how smoothly it ran, and that its organizers survived to tell the tale. I’m even more blown away that it’s happening again. A literary maelstrom!

~ MariNaomi, author/illustrator of Turning Japanese


Writ Large Press alongside friends and colleagues filled the Summer of 2014 with 90 literary, musical, and cultural events over 90 days and nights in Downtown Los Angeles. It was a celebration, a sharing of our passions, and an amazing show of the talent teeming in our inspiring, sprawling, interconnected city. This year, we are bringing back #90X90LA, with more focused goals and vision in a crucial time of change in our neighborhoods and in the world at large.

#90X90LA will run from July 5-October 1, 2017. The 90 events will be spread out between three historic Los Angeles neighborhoods: Little Tokyo, DTLA, and South Central LA. CIELO Galleries/Studios will host nearly half of the events. There will also be occasional and carefully selected events in other places around the city (such as a collaboration with Grand Performances on 7/30) and also satellite/joint events arranged with artists and organizers in other cities around the country (we have people in Portland, NYC, and Atlanta who have expressed interest).

#90X90LA invites us all to show up and shed light on the people and cultures thriving locally and holds space for their continued growth at a time when these historic neighborhoods are being decimated, displaced, and otherwise erased for a new wave of gentrification.